Monday, July 14, 2003

.:Mayons Top 20 (hi-energy):.

1....forbidden rush-love of my life
2....djschwede-the ultimate
3....b.c.d.project-do you know
4....white label-blah-blah-blah
5....sosumi-feel the tribute
6....klubheads Vrs pulse-lover / voodoo
7....dee dee-the one
8....dickheads-suck my dick
9....tidy trax-signum
10..the system-leave me now
11..djschwede-soldier of fortune
12..stee wee bee ft dj schwede-face down
13..white label-bass banging
14..white label-i need you
15..dj schwede-the party
16..neo cortex-elements
17..stee wee bee-fuck this bitch
18..dunkenmunkey-boozywoozy remix
19..dj schwede-here we go again
20..shelley-i will follow you

dj simi plans on doing a 4hrs set @ bakers on saturday the 19th, he plans on playing... old skool, uk garage Vrs R&b, some mashups will be heard on this night.
New Track Listings and Updates for Dj sets
first sets will be palyed @ bakers party on saturday the 19th ill list the tunes when the sets are done.
Current Single's
"How Low Can You Go"
" Shake Your Shimmy" Remix
these tunes can be heard via winamp when i do a broadcast... do a shoutcast search for either... mayon heyes or intergalactic www.shoutcast.com i may not be broadcasting @ the time of your search, but keep checking back as one day you might catch me playing them.
Greetings all.. the Dj's On this board are
DJ Mayon
DJ Simi

More Dj's to be added!

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